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A complete must-have for any skincare regime. The soft microfibres in these large and luxuriously thick facial sponges expand when wet to help get into your pores and cleanse your skin thoroughly. Removing the most stubborn mascara and makeup.

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Wave goodbye to facial wipes, cotton pads and the nasties that are found in them. Ingredients like methylisothiazolinone, parabens, parfum and ethanol are just some of the chemicals found in facial wipes to keep them moist, preserved (mould free) and scented whist in the packet, which can lead to irritation (have you ever felt stinging whilst using them? That will be why) dryness and sensitized skin.

How To Use

Wet the sponges with warm water and hold them over each eye for 5-10 seconds and massage in small circles before gently wiping and voila!! It’s honestly that easy. Cleanse your face, neck and chest then use the sponges to remove your cleanser. You can also use them to remove your mask or apply toner.

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